Encho Enchev - ETE Street & Urban Furniture


Model201 Ø: 270 cm H: 240 cm 12000 kg
Niche L: 46 cm B: b1:40; b2:20 cm H: 45 cm - kg

Model from Encho Enchev- ETE product range, with a specific focus on people and caring for them. The memorial column is made of high-performance concrete with natural aggregate. The aggregate structure is made out of natural marble or granite stones. They are of a specific size and can be combined in different colors. The concrete is reinforced and fiber strengthened. All surfaces are finely polished and treated with a special, protective coating. This makes the product even more resistant to aggressive weather conditions and reduces deposition of dirt. There are 48 urn niches. The niche closure panels are of high-quality black granite. The metal elements in the construction are from stainless steel. In front of each niche there is a possibility of mounting a flower vase made of inox. Vases are available as an additional option.

The Memorial Column is a practical solution for furnishing cemeteries and crematoriums. The product range has a social focus and addresses one of the serious problems of modern cities.