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Concrete recycle litter bins - a special product line created with the sole thought - to protect the environment and save nature. Concrete recycling waste bins are created in line with the company's elegant combination of natural multicolored aggregate and high-class metal. The concrete is high-performance, reinforced and fiber strengthened. The aggregate structure is made out of natural marble or granite stones. The metal components are electroplated and powder coated in the distinctive colors - blue, green and yellow. In addition to designating their purpose, the paint and the method of galvanization give a high anticorrosive protection to the metal and increase its performance. The concrete surfaces are treated with a coating that reduces the deposition of dirt and gives the products even greater resistance to harsh weather conditions. Separate garbage bins combine innovative design and high functionality. The possibility of anchoring to the flooring, as well as the strength of the materials from which they are made, guarantee their long service life.

The recycling litter bins have an inner container of galvanized metal for the collection of separate waste. Some models come with a specially designed mechanism for securing the waste sacks. The presence of a locking device provides control over the opening and protects the bin from vandal damage. Maintaining a high standard and quality, Encho Enchev - ETE meets the most sophisticated landscape architectural requirements when designing exterior spaces in parks and gardens. A practical solution for equipping bus stops, metro stations, rail stations, terminals and other urban spaces. Taking a small step towards the good of today, we secure the future of our children tomorrow. Save nature and recycle your waste with Encho Enchev - ETE separate collection bins.

Encho Enchev - ETE is an established manufacturer, distributor and trader of recycling litter bins.