Encho Enchev - ETE Street & Urban Furniture


Model162 L: 500 cm B: 500 cm H: 5 cm

The base of the garden chess is made up of separate tiles made of high-performance concrete with natural aggregate. The concrete is reinforced and fiber strengthened. The aggregate structure contains natural marble or granite stones. They are of a certain size and can be combined in different colors. The surface of the tiles is polished and further treated with a protective coating. It makes the product even more resistant to aggressive weather conditions and reduces the deposition of dirt. The garden chess is a unique park feature that takes the modern city back to ancient India and Persia. The legends of the origin of a game were carried onto Encho Enchev-ETE's five-meter chessboard, breathing life into every park. The product is available in two options - with side row of tiles with numbers and letters of chess included, and without them. The figures are offered separately and are made of lightweight and durable material for long life.