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Model268-H L: 200 cm B: 70 cm H: 81 cm 560 kg

The concrete bench model 268-H elegantly combines a curved shape with the delicate exposed texture of the surface and the natural warmth of wood. The concrete is high-strength and fiber-reinforced with a homogeneous structure of marble or granite particles of precisely defined size. The model features a luxurious wooden seat, and the integration of a backrest up to halfway along the bench breaks up the design and adds additional comfort. The metal components making up the seat and back of the bench are made of stainless steel. The elegant wooden elements are available in a choice between two types of wood: traditional spruce or our revolutionary product—eco-friendly Resysta® wood. Developed in Germany, this wood is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, offering a 15-year warranty against cracking and delamination (provided by the manufacturer). The treatment of the wooden elements and the concrete surface with protective coatings creates additional resistance to atmospheric conditions. Thanks to the curved shape of the bench, a circle with an external diameter of 4 meters can be described when combining 6 modules of the same type or with the other curved modules from the 268 series. Combining the concrete bench model 268-H with the other elements of the modular bench model 268 allows landscape architects to create unique and cozy spaces for relaxation and entertainment, ensuring comfort and functionality tailored to individual taste.

Choose quality, innovation, and environmental sustainability with the benches from Encho Enchev – ETE!