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The concrete modular bench is the perfect solution for creating beautiful and functional park spaces. It consists of straight and curved modules (benches and planters) that can be arranged in various positions, giving the park space an even more aesthetic look. The modules are made entirely of concrete with a homogeneous aggregate structure. The seating area is polished and the sides have fine embossed surfaces. The additional treatment of the surfaces with a protective coating makes the product even more resistant to aggressive weather conditions and reduces the deposition of dirt. Innovative engineering solutions allow easy assembly and combination of individual modules. Some of the modules are equipped with seats and backrests made of certified wood. These components are designed to provide maximum comfort to users. Wooden elements can be made from spruce, exotic hardwood - bamboo or ecological wood - Resysta. The concrete modular bench offers the opportunity for every landscape architect to create unique and attractive spaces for relaxation and entertainment.