Encho Enchev - ETE Street & Urban Furniture


Model275 Ø: 300 cm H: 80 cm 1640 kg
Ø: 200 cm H: 80 cm 1500 kg
Assembly sheet

A modern product from the design series of Encho Enchev - ETE, related to the idea of ​​creating modern urban spaces. The planter is made out of high-performance concrete with natural aggregate, the bench is made of certified wood. The concrete is reinforced and fibre strengthened. The structure of the aggregate is composed of natural marble or granite stones with a certain size and the possibility of different colour combinations. The aggregate surface has a characteristic fine relief and a protective coating is additionally applied on it. This gives the product even greater resistance to aggressive weather conditions and reduces the deposition of contaminants. The planks for the bench are available in variants of exotic, hard wood - bamboo or soft wood - spruce. They are specially treated, which protects them from rotting and preserves the characteristics of the material over time. The metal components involved in the construction are coated with ester-epoxy zinc primer and are powder coated. Composition combining beauty and comfort. The presence of a seating area combined with the plant accent in the middle are a great solution for furnishing squares, parks, business or administrative buildings, large shopping centres, terminals and train stations.