Encho Enchev - ETE Street & Urban Furniture


Model216 R L: 30 cm B: 30 cm H: 70 cm V: 3 x 15 L 3 x 75 kg

Litter bin made out of high-performance concrete with natural embossed aggregate and metal. The concrete is reinforced and fiber strengthened. The aggregate structure is composed of natural marble or granite stones of precisely defined dimensions and the surface is treated with a special protective coating. It reduces the deposition of dirt and further increases the product's resistance to corrosive atmospheric conditions. The metal covers are electro-galvanized and powder-coated in the recognizable colors of the separate collection - blue, green and yellow. These technological treatments protect the metal from corrosion and increase its performance. The possibility of anchoring to the flooring, as well as the strength of the materials from which it is made, guarantee its long-term operation. In the concrete structure are built signs indicating the separate collection of paper, plastic and glass. The bin has an inner container of galvanized metal for the collection of recyclable waste. The precisely engineered design submits easy access for cleaning and maintenance. The presence of a locking device built into the lid provides control over the opening and protects the bin from vandal damage. With its innovative design, the concrete garbage bin is a beautiful and functional addition to the design of exterior spaces in parks and gardens. The larger size of the waste bin makes it ideal for busy public spaces, in front of entrances to large retail outlets, or for areas that allow large groups of people to gather. An elegant exterior solution for the equipment of bus stops, metro stations, rail stations, terminals, as well as for hotels, malls and office buildings. One ton of recycled glass saves the release of 315 kg CO2in the atmosphere. Be responsible and dispose of your waste separately with Encho Enchev-ETE concrete recycling bins.