Encho Enchev - ETE Street & Urban Furniture


Model228 L: 190 cm B: 148 cm H: 72 cm 100 kg
Assembly sheet

Model of Encho Enchev-ETE product range, combining practicality, beauty and stability. A combination of certified wood and high-quality metal. Electrogalvanizing and powder coating protect the metal from corrosion and increase its performance. A special coating is applied to the planks, which protects them from aggressive weather conditions and prolongs their life. The elements connecting the individual structures are made out of stainless steel. Metal and wooden components have different color combinations. Both seats and table top are designed with a bend in the corners for comfort and safety. Practical and stylish model, offering different options in interior and exterior furnishings. Easily and quickly portable due to its lighter weight, it makes it suitable for any home or garden. The metal picnic table is also available with an option for anchoring to the flooring, but only upon request by the client. Elegant solution for furnishing picnic areas in the mountains, chalets, national parks, ski and seaside resorts, beaches. A practical addition to the eco paths, to working production premises, to various urban areas - parks, alleys, schools, playgrounds and other public spaces.