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Model: 172 L: 39 cm B: 39 cm H: 90 cm 35 L 32 kg

Waste bin made of high-quality metal. The metal components are galvanized and powder coated. These technological treatments protect the metal from corrosion and increase its performance. The main body and the lid can be combined in different colors. At the customer's request and for an additional fee, an epoxy primer can be applied to the metal. It is recommended as a means of enhanced protection for areas with a marine climate and with a large amount of precipitation. The possibility of anchoring to the flooring, as well as the strength of the material from which it is made, guarantee its long-term operation. The garbage bin is available in two versions of the metal lid - without ashtray and with ashtray. The ashtray is made of stainless steel and has a specially designed collection container that does not allow mixing of burning cigarettes with garbage. The collecting tank has an innovatively developed mechanism that allows easy cleaning. The bin has an internal galvanized metal container for waste collection, with easy access for maintenance. The lid has a built-in locking device that controls the opening and protects against vandalism. The metal litter bin is a beautiful and functional addition to the design of exterior spaces in parks and gardens. Elegant solution for equipping bus stops, metro stations, stations, terminals, beaches, alleys, schools, playgrounds and other public areas. Practical and necessary interior furnishing for hotels, malls, office and business buildings, restaurants and private properties. Keep the environment clean with the metal waste bins of the company Encho Enchev - ETE.