Encho Enchev - ETE Street & Urban Furniture


Model32 Ø: 10 cm H: 100 cm 10 kg

Metal antiparking pole from the urban product range of road restraints combining functionality and aesthetics. Product made out of metal. The metal structure is electrogalvanized and powder coated. These technological methods protect the metal from corrosion and increase its performance. For even greater protection, galvanization can be performed at the customer's request. Recommended for areas with very humid climate or near salt water. At the base of the cylindrical body is a bar fitted, which is for anchoring to the flooring. The elements connecting the metal structure to the ground are made out of stainless steel. At the top of the metal parking restraint, two chrome-nickel straps are fitted, giving it a stylish and elegant finish. The size and shape of the anti-parking body allow for different trimming and combining options and make it safe for pedestrians. A preferred solution for limiting car traffic and parking in front of offices and administrative buildings, hospitals, universities, schools, kindergartens, metro stations, terminals, bus stops, parks and other public areas. Convenient and functional equipment blocking the access of cars to pedestrian areas, sidewalks, bike lanes, beaches, gated complexes and private properties.