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Model: 169 L: 124 cm B: 38 cm H: 106 cm 325 kg
Assembly sheet

Modern, stylish and functional drinking fountain made of high-performance concrete and natural aggregate. The structural marble and granite stones are natural and have different color combinations. The surfaces are finely polished and further treated with a special varnish coating, which makes the product even more resistant to aggressive weather and reduces the deposition of dirt. The concrete drinking fountain is provided with studs for anchoring to the flooring. The metal elements in the construction are from stainless steel. The drinking faucet has a push button that limits the flow of water and forms a uniform jet. These characteristics guarantee durability and long service life. The housing is designed to provide the easiest access for servicing and maintenance. The drinking fountain kit includes waste and clean water hoses, soft connections and a stop valve. The combination of two asymmetrically located bubblers creates a modern feng-shui feel. The drinking faucet is designed specifically to make it easier for people with disabilities in their daily lives. An elegant exterior solution for furnishing parks, squares, gardens, playgrounds, schools and other public spaces.