Encho Enchev - ETE Street & Urban Furniture


Model132 L: 150 cm B: 45 cm H: 75 cm 440 kg

Rectangular, concrete planter, in which shape, color and texture are harmoniously combined. The optimal ratio between height and length is complemented by several delicate, decorative channels that give individuality and style. The flower pot is made out of high-performance concrete and an aggregate of natural marble or granite stones. The aggregate is available in different color variations of its constituent particles. Using the modern methods of processing the aggregate structure, a surface with a characteristic relief is created. A special protective coating is applied on the embossed surface. This creates even greater resistance of the product to adverse weather conditions and reduces the deposition of dirt. The durability of the planter is in sync with the clean lines and the elegant silhouette. The concrete is reinforced and fiber strengthened. The flowerpot is a great choice for decorating different urban spaces as well as hotels, private properties and gardens. The concrete planters of the company Encho Enchev - ETE create an atmosphere for relaxation, and provide an opportunity for everyone to touch the beauty of nature.