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Model13 Ø: 35 cm H: 62 cm 80 kg

Modern and functional cone-shaped parking restraint. The bollard is made of high-performance concrete with natural aggregate. The marble and granite stones that form the aggregate structure are natural and offer different color combinations. The concrete is reinforced and fiber strengthened. The special treatment of the aggregate creates a characteristic embossed surface. The concrete bollard is additionally protected with a special coating. This makes the product even more resistant to aggressive weather conditions and reduces the deposition of dirt. The model can be anchored to the flooring. A stainless-steel ring bolt is placed at the top of the concrete cone. It is used for easy installation and for mounting a connecting rope or chain between the restraints as needed. A product that is timeless. These characteristics guarantee durability and long service life. The size and shape of the concrete antiparking body allow different options for stacking and combining. A preferred solution for limiting car traffic and parking in front of offices and administrative buildings, hospitals, universities, schools, kindergartens, metro stations, terminals, bus stops, parks and other public areas. Convenient and functional equipment blocking the access of cars to pedestrian areas, sidewalks, bike lanes, beaches, gated complexes and private properties.