Encho Enchev - ETE Street & Urban Furniture


Model45 Ø: 55 cm H: 82 cm 70 L 80 kg

Waste bin, combining the strength and functionality of two materials - concrete and metal. The concrete is high-performance, containing natural marble or granite stones of a defined size. They build an aggregate structure and can be combined in different colors. The concrete is additionally reinforced and fiber strengthened. A special coating is applied on the embossed aggregate surface, which reduces the deposition of contaminants and increases the resistance of the product to aggressive weather conditions. Metal components are electrogalvanized and powder coated. These technological treatments create high corrosion protection. It is recommended as a means of enhanced protection for areas with a marine climate and with heavy rainfalls. The lid has a built-in ashtray. The bin has an inner galvanized metal container for waste collection. It is possible to anchor to the flooring. The variations in color combinations of the aggregate and the metal elements give a characteristic individuality and style. The combination of functionality and strength, complemented by the natural beauty of the natural materials used, make the garbage bin a perfect addition to the design of exterior spaces in parks and gardens. Maintaining a high standard and quality, the company Encho Enchev - ETE satisfies the most sophisticated landscape architectural requirements for the furnishing of private properties, business buildings, malls, large shopping centers, hotels, holiday villages and resorts. The compact dimensions of this certain model litter bin define an elegant and practical solution for equipping bus stops, metro stations, stations, terminals, as well as for beaches, alleys, schools, playgrounds and other public areas.