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Experience the pleasure of full relaxation with Encho Enchev - ETE's range of concrete chaise lounges - the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Made from high-strength concrete with a homogenous aggregate structure, these chaise lounges offer you comfort and style amidst nature. The shiny polished surface of the seating area creates a velvet touch sensation, while the gentle relief structure of the side parts adds texture and character. The ergonomic shapes and curves of the chaise lounges are designed to provide maximum body relaxation, allowing you to unwind completely and peacefully enjoy the nature. Combining the durability of concrete with elegant design, these chaise lounges are the ideal choice for any landscape architect, offering them the opportunity to introduce a unique element to perfect the outdoor spaces in the urban environment. The various color combinations of the mosaic structures give public spaces individuality and a memorable look. The concrete chaise lounges are suitable for parks, public gardens, coastal areas, school yards, hotel spa zones, or as an addition to park benches and seating elements for rest areas. Versions with built-in USB charging further expand the versatility and usage possibilities of the chaise lounges.

Add a touch of luxury accent to your home or villa with the concrete chaise lounges from Encho Enchev – ETE.