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Discover the sophistication, uniqueness, and durability of the metal planters from Encho Enchev – ETE. The variety of models and shapes provides every interior designer or landscape architect the opportunity to add an intriguing and modern decor to their buildings or green spaces.
Models adorned with elegant wooden elements offer a choice between two types of wood - the traditional spruce or our revolutionary product - eco wood Resysta®. Choosing eco wood not only adds a unique design to your project but also makes it greener, earning additional points under the LEED system. Developed in Germany, this wood is made from rice husks, mineral oils, and salts, representing a 100% recyclable and ecological product. Moreover, it comes with a 15-year warranty against cracking and delamination (provided by the manufacturer).
High-quality protective coatings on the wood ensure its long operational durability, and the combination with stainless steel elements makes the product timeless.
Thanks to their exceptional durability, they find a wide application in various outdoor and indoor spaces - from city gardens, parks, and squares to hotels, malls, and administrative buildings.

Break the mold with the unconventional shapes of the metal planters from Encho Enchev – ETE and add style, elegance, and durability to your outdoor or indoor space!